Many young people need support to stay at school, or to find suitable education or training that meets their needs and aspirations.

Early intervention for young people who are struggling in education is critical. If core skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours are not developed across childhood and adolescence, they become increasingly difficult and expensive to address later in life. Young people not fully engaged in education or work are at greater risk of long-term unemployment, cycles of low pay, employment insecurity and social exclusion. Early school leavers are two and a half times more likely to be unemployed, earn lower wages and have poorer quality of life outcomes. Phoenix House provides flexible education programs for young people with very specific and challenging needs. We work with schools and families to identify young people at risk. Students identified have a range of complex social and educational needs and are at a high risk of leaving school early. We catch young people before they fully disengage with formal education and aim to inspire a life-long love of learning.

Phoenix House provides flexible education programs for young people with very specific and challenging needs

We offer a range of courses to enhance learning and living skills aimed at helping young people re-engage with formal education. Phoenix House educators are highly skilled and experienced in flexible education delivery and we have achieved significant positive outcomes for the young people undertaking our courses.


The Life Skills program is designed to support young people to develop and sustain basic life skill sets to assist them to transition successfully into adulthood.

Participants develop new skills and knowledge such as cooking, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, budgeting, nutrition, self care, healthy relationships and communication skills.

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Youth and/or Youth and Family Counselling, Parent Consultation, Life Coaching

To have conversations with parents, young people and/or their families that:

– focus on their best hopes
– focus on what is already working to help realise those hopes

Given that many people who come to the service may have faced hardship or adversity or may have been socially marginalised, we aim to:

– provide a positive social response
– uphold and affirm the dignity, skills and efforts of people and
– advocate and support socially just outcomes

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Phoenix House Education

In 2024 Phoenix House College will open an accredited Special Assistance School as part of Phoenix
House Youth Services. We will offer ROSA-accredited courses (Years 9 & 10) such as Maths, English,
and Science to young people who want or need these accreditations. Meanwhile, we will continue
offering our NSW State Education-Approved Alternative Courses to young people whose needs
differ. Currently, those courses include our Board Endorsed Connect Course, alongside our Live
Ready, Learn Ready and Work Ready Courses.

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Is initiated by an intensive evaluation and assessment of a young person’s capacity and foundation skills. Once we identify how a young person learns best, we design an individual Educational Plan for each student. This IEP is implemented in an intensive ten-week plan to enable and empower them to connect with the curriculum they may encounter in a formal learning environment.


Some people know their way around a kitchen but have no idea what the laundry looks like. Actually, that is probably true for most working and very successful adults. Our Live Ready Program – Takes each room of a house and offers a five-week intensive training session on what to expect and how to face challenges within each space. As you might expect, young people may want to learn more about a particular room than another, and they are free to repeat the course to their satisfaction.


As you may expect, this is an intensive five-week course that prepares young people for employment and ultimately places them in a position that will financially sustain them.


A strategic combination of the above programs and our community connection programs. This intensive, Board Endorsed, ten-week program aims to empower young people, enabling them to experience success, build their self-esteem and potentially reconnect with their formal education later.

Phoenix House supports young people and their families through a range of services.

We engage young people through specialist case management, assist individuals and families through therapeutic counselling, and create a sense of community and belonging through group work programs and activities.