Fundamentally everything begins because YOU CARE.


With your help, our Social Workers and Counsellors CARE for young people. Family turbulence, social instability, or an ever-expanding set of circumstances that cause trauma can lead to homelessness, unhealthy relationships, destructive substance abuse and suicide. PHYS supports and nurtures young people through challenges and sometimes difficult and complex choices to achieve their goals.


Some, Not All, of the young people to whom we provide CARE have Educational Goals.


At times the Educational Goals of a young person will fade into insignificance, and our environment is FLEXIBLE & INCLUSIVE to accommodate the changing circumstances of each client. Every young person joining our education program will have an Individualised Educational Plan (IEP), which they will lead in designing.


You may imagine that if you were facing homelessness, you might have priorities that supersede learning PYTHAGORAS THEOREM.


Young people may have hundreds, if not thousands, of screen friends, and yet there are times when they become disconnected. These feelings of disconnection can develop into disengagement and isolation, affecting their mental and physical health.


Does this remind you of someone?


We recognise the importance of engagement with other people, whether it be through cooking, art, storytelling or sharing a meal together.


Our community connection programs provide YOU with the opportunity to connect.


Come and Joins Us.

Phoenix House provides early intervention and support services to the most challenged young people living in Sydney and delivers life- changing outcomes.

Phoenix House provides a fully integrated, wrap around service model.

Donations to Phoenix House Youth Services are used to fund youth support services and programs. Donors are able to nominate the specific programs they wish to support.

Phoenix House Youth Services is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission CFN/21719.


We have a range of opportunities for you, your family, your community group and your organisation to get involved in transforming the lives of the young people we work with.

You are able to participate directly in programs/projects already in place or work with us develop an project that is of benefit to our young people and yourselves.

Please contact us for more information.

Many young people need support to stay at school, or to find suitable education or training that meets their needs and aspirations.

Early intervention for young people who are struggling in education is critical. If core skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours are not developed across childhood and adolescence, they become increasingly difficult and expensive to address later in life. Young people not fully engaged in education or work are at greater risk of long-term unemployment, cycles of low pay, employment insecurity and social exclusion. Early school leavers are two and a half times more likely to be unemployed, earn lower wages and have poorer quality of life outcomes. Phoenix House provides flexible education programs for young people with very specific and challenging needs. We work with schools and families to identify young people at risk. Students identified have a range of complex social and educational needs and are at a high risk of leaving school early. We catch young people before they fully disengage with formal education and aim to inspire a life-long love of learning.